Stay Open

I have been learning from some truly inspired and inspiring teachers lately. My brain is full of ideas, and I admit my Vata is at risk of becoming even more unbalanced than usual, because my mind is so open to concepts and thoughts. Oh, well. It’s worth it. 

This energy has recently given focus to this thought: the universe is always benevolent, ever filled with abundance and readiness to provide exactly what we need. 

The challenge for us humans is to be in right vibration to actually receive this bounty—to understand, accept, and fulfill what it is we are meant to receive and then go and do what we were born to do.

There is so much noise around us; so much complaining, victimization, and lack mentality. It can be difficult to stay in right vibration. Knowing, however, that the universe is always at the ready to provide when we glance in its loving direction is comforting and inspiring. 

The everyday challenge is to stay in harmony with this Divine right order and, when we get off track, to gently turn our attention back to love and Grace.


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