Meaningful Malas

Mala bracelets for the root chakra.

Looking for unique jewelry that is both beautiful and meaningful? Check out my latest Mala creations, featuring chakra (energy center) names and mantras, complemented by carefully curated beads and crystals that represent their vibration.

Here is the first in the series.

The root chakra (muladhara in Sanskrit) is associated with the mantra, Lam, which we speak or chant when focusing on this energy center.

Hematite, a silvery, platinum, or dark charcoal-colored crystal, is often used to help augment and bring energy and openness to the root chakra. Giving form to these bracelets, you will appreciate hematite’s weightiness, shine, and natural beauty, while being reminded of this most significant chakra and its meaningful mantra.

Interested? Email or message me. The set with minimal shipping retails for $75.
Namaste; blessing and honor to you.

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