Thank you for being here. My name is Jennifer. I created Sistering to Sophia years ago, and it has changed and evolved as I have. Today, it is one of the places where I can be myself, sharing thoughts, ideas, and recipes, as well as my confections, jewelry, and other pretty things that I can create especially for you.

Faith inspires everything I do. When you read what I write, eat one of my sweets, or wear a bracelet I curated for you, please know I work with a heart striving for all that is good and true. Knowing that I am nothing without God, I try to do so rightly ordered towards Him.

I also believe in liberty and freedom and American exceptionalism. Everything I create is with a mind towards not only freely expressing myself, calibrated to virtue, but also offering you ideas and beautiful things that hopefully will inspire you to look for and experience grace in your own life.