San Diego, Journeys, and How to Be a Warrior

The art of the warrior is fully being present and fully detaching.

-Dr. Shefali

I arrived at the Omni La Costa resort late this afternoon to attend the Journey into Healing conference at The Chopra Center.

The program doesn’t begin until tomorrow, but I’m already feeling like I’m on my journey.

I am spending time alone. I am absorbing the beauty of the resort and the solitude of my room. I ordered room service and am watching one of my favorite British mysteries on my laptop.

I am still feeling the tremors caused by the ongoing noise at home and the worry and sadness I experience for my children. This is, to a large extent, my reality. It is unsettling, but right now, at this moment, I accept it.

I choose to live in the present and accept what is, rather than push against and resist it. And while accepting what is true and real, I also choose to detach from this and live in the present in another way as well.

This is non-duality. This moment is full of pain and joy; worry and calm; energy and stillness. And in detaching from my thoughts and emotions, I step into the truth of myself. I am an empathic and passionate seeker. I walk the path and assume the stance of the warrior.

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