Wisdom From Pooh Bear

“I always get to where I’m going by walking away from where I’ve been.”

—Pooh Bear, Christopher Robin

I took the children to see Christopher Robin on Sunday. It was delightful and happily speckled with many Pooh-isms. The above quotation was one such little jewel of wisdom. More than once, my brain was buzzing with so many insights and thoughts that I snuck out my phone in the dark theater to take notes.

As are most of Pooh’s sentiments, this one is simple but not simplistic. Wisdom teachers tell us it is not just the goal, the desire, the vision, the intention that we must determine. It is as, if not more, important that we also allow this newness to align with our energy. In other words, we must attune ourselves to the channel that is broadcasting this abundance and is just waiting for us to see it. We can wish for and intend something all we want, but if we are not mentally, spiritually turned towards the creative spark and flow that will deliver it, we will never actually manifest it.

“Walking away,” then, as Pooh tells us, in fact represents this Art of Allowing, as Abraham Hicks titles this action. We are to move away from the old self, the ego, the limited, lacking energy and move towards the abundant, the beautiful, the easy, the flowing, the joyful. 

It was no less than Einstein, who using his tremendous brain and intellect, declared this statement in the same vein as Pooh’s: “We cannot solve a problem with the same consciousness that created it.” In other words, we must turn away from old patterns and ways of thinking and realign our consciousness so as to see challenges and opportunities in new ways.

Pooh Bear often modestly states that he is a Bear of “very little brain,” but I think we know different, don’t we? And even more significantly, Pooh’s friends, including Christopher Robin, tell him often that he is “a Bear of very big heart.” Of course this makes perfect sense; many teachers, like Joe Dispenza and others, have proven scientifically  that when the heart and brain are in coherence, energy and abundance flow effortlessly.

I did not expect to feel so many emotions at the movie theater on Sunday. But life is like that when we try to live with open receptive hearts and minds. Whether the wisdom comes from learned teachers or little bears, I’ll take it. Like Pooh’s beloved honey, this spiritual, soulful goodness is delicious and nourishing. It is everywhere if we are open to witnessing it.

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