Windows, Trees, and Expansion

I felt it this morning. Did you?

I walked into my bathroom at 6:45 AM and the room was cool. The large window over my tub looks out over the backyard, and I noticed the dogwoods, whose green leaves have appeared dipped around the edges ever so lightly in red during the past couple of weeks, are now more broadly brushed with color.

Fall is a minute away. School has already started for many kids in our area. And all this puts me in mind once again of how life unfolds according to its natural intelligence—its own divine right timing.

The trees don’t think about and work hard at transforming. The air doesn’t need instruction about cooling. The acorns that are now strewn about the yard—those amazingly beautiful pieces of petite natural sculpture—decide on their on where to land and how grow into the likenesses of the massive trees that birthed them.

The ebbing and flowing of nature comforts and invigorates me. It reminds me that expansion occurs according to its own divine right timing. We are not meant to push and fight and struggle and grind our way to abundance and evolution. We are to get quiet, enter alignment, and float effortlessly into wholeness. 

This is the way. This is the journey. This is life, this is our soul, ever unfolding, ever expanding, ever becoming.

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