Who or What is Your Nemesis?

I am a devoted student of Martha Beck’s (http://Martha Beck.com), and I a committed participant in her weekly podcast, The Gathering Room. This morning, I listened to a show from several months ago, in which Martha discusses the archetype of Nemesis and the role of nemeses in our lives (see below).

As always, my intuition and synchronicity aligned to deliver just what I needed today.

It is not necessary here to name my nemeses, but suffice it to say they are real, and their energies are as emotionally destructive and soul shattering as the most enraged hurricane that obliterates every object in its path.

I have done enough work to find gratitude for what they teach me, even in the midst of the most literally insane and cruel treatment. I even believe my son’s illness has manifested because of this often unbearable stress, and it is his Nemesis, calling for his evolution.

But because I know I am responsible for my energy and my emotional and spiritual lacunae, I have decided to use all of these nemeses as invitations and inspirations to grow.

I know that I would not be on this deep and profound journey if I had not been thrown into the fire on so many occasions, and sometimes still am.

But this fire will not consume me. It is actually giving life in a purer, more resilient form to my children and me. We are like the Phoenix. We will thrive.

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