The Answer is Always in You

There are so many conversations with Abraham I could point to and declare, “This is essential! If you listen to no other, you have to hear this one!” I admit my library of “essential” discussions is rather large.

Here is one of those conversations. Why is it so impactful? Because in one fairly short podcast, Abraham talks about how we are our own healers; the answers to health and abundance are within us, not somewhere out there. They discuss segment intending; how to be focused on the present with each new experience (getting in the car, walking into the market, etc,). How we are co-creating every moment of our lives with the choices we make and where we DECIDE to place our attention.

Whether we are seeking relief from illness, more money, a better job, a fulfilling relationship, etc., the answer is always the same: we must reduce our resistance, align with Source, and allow it to flow. That’s it. It’s simple but hardly simplistic.

Once we understand that there is no one to blame, no one to hold responsible, no exterior force holding us hostage to a life we don’t like, we are free. We are liberated, because we get to choose in every minute how we feel and then respond and create.

Life is always happening FOR us. The Divine within us WANTS us to expand and align with joy. This is what we came here to experience. Right now. Right now.

The only question is, are we ready to say “yes” to the invitation to evolve and create the reality we desire?

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