How Are We Traveling?

We hear it all the time. Life is not about the destination; it’s about the journey.

How many of us really understand and commit to this?

Sure, sure, we say. Whatever. I just need to make x-amount of money and I’ll be happy. I just need to meet the right partner, then I’ll feel settled. Once my kid’s in college, I can relax. When this virus is gone, I can finally get back to normal and feel like myself again.

So what we’re saying is it’s going to focus on the journey—in theory. It sounds evolved and enlightened. But that’s not reality, is it? Come on. Look at my bank account. Have you seen my unhappy kid? Do you know how lonely I am without the right partner?

And to all this, there is only one answer. How do we feel right now? What vibration, what energy, are we emitting at this moment? If we are in fear of what is to come, we are not in the present. If we are feeling the energy of what isn’t wanted, which is lack, we are immersing ourselves in the low vibration of what we don’t have and also attracting more of it to ourselves.

And here’s the rub. In an attempt to get what we want in order to finally be satisfied and happy, we are actually emphasizing the lack and ensuring more of it comes to us.

There is only one ending to this story, and it surely isn’t happiness.

We cannot immerse ourselves in the din of what is unwanted and emerge with a manifestation of melodic fulfilled desires. As Abraham teaches, there is no assertion, only attraction.

So what to do? When we can, we reach for joy and appreciation, and love. Even if it’s in small bites, these high vibration energies will nourish us and create flow and momentum toward more of the same.

We must have compassion for ourselves when we are out of alignment, but simply the awareness of this position can begin to assist us in turning around. There is no “bad” or “good” position on this journey of life. Awareness and then choice are what determine the direction of our flow and the degree of our alignment with Source and infinite possibilities.

How do you choose to travel?

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