On Mothering, Part 2

I first met Shelly Lefkoe, renowned parenting expert and cofounder of The Lefkoe Institute, two years ago when she gave several presentations at Dr. Mark Hyman’s Feel Good Summit. Her humor and passion and wholeheartedness were inspiring and infused the information she shared with warmth and wisdom and compassion.

I listen to Shelly’s talks wherever I can find them. During one of her presentations at Mindvalley, she offered the following thoughts about conscious, mindful parenting. They resonate with me deeply. They remind me that, as a mother, I am only capable of supporting my children’s autonomy and self-possession to the extent that I can also do the same for myself.

Your number one job is to parent your children so they conclude positive beliefs about themselves and life.

Every child needs to know:

I am good enough.

I’m powerful.

I’m important.

I am worthy because I am here.

What makes me good enough is I believe in myself.

To learn more about Shelly’s work, go to:


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