It’s Time for Adults to Grow Up

You know, I’ve come to understand over the years that being able to observe correlations between macro and micro events in life is exceedingly useful and helpful.

It is no wonder that there is such a correlation. If everything is spiritual, if we are all vibrationally connected (as I believe we are), then it only makes perfect sense that the communities, country, and world we inhabit mirror our everyday, more personal and individual, lives.

To the extent that the world is on fire with fear and anxiety and blame and criticizing and victimization, is it any wonder so many of us are personally in crisis? Is it really at all surprising that we live in a society where the least among us are voiceless? And by this I am here writing specifically of children.

In this culture, like most, I would assume, children, while held up as precious and deserving of every protection, are often treated as little more than pawns and what happens to them is seen as collateral damage.

I am tired of hearing “in the best interest of the children.” Save it. Just stop it. Based on the decisions I’ve witnessed in the therapeutic, medical, and legal systems in my personal life and in the lives of those around me, the expressions of concern are almost always pure drivel. They are empty and specious.

Children of all ages are tossed around between households with NO SAY. They are forced to be in homes they hate and spend time with people who often don’t care what they want.

In an age of conscious and connected parenting, when some of us are using a great deal of mental, spiritual, and physical energy to listen to our kids, to respect their need to express themselves, and to offer them the freedom to be who they are, most adults are still committed to “do as I say, because I said so,” and “I don’t care what you think; you’re just a kid.”

I have said it for years and I still believe this: releasing children from abuse by allowing them to speak freely and live outside of fear and oppression is the next frontier in the realm of human rights.

Does it really still not occur to so many that the reason there are so many confused, angry, anxious adults is that so many of them suffered severely in childhood? The abusive parents themselves are testament to this.

My heart hurts for all these children. Like so many of you, I want more than anything to offer my children optimal opportunities for growth and evolution. My greatest value and my deepest desire for them is simply this: freedom.

When will we have the courage to truly protect and serve? Our children are waiting for adults to finally grow up and do the right thing.

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