Two Kinds of People

Even in the fog, we can discern and choose clarity.

Regardless of the conditions, regardless of our job or our partner or our kids or the economy or the state of politics or whether there is a pandemic or, or, or….we are always in choice. ALWAYS. Period. End of issue.

Being triggered, feeling afraid or disappointed or worried, these are all true and real. We must feel the contrast in order to be invited into expansion. But then we have to flow with what is expanding!

We can remain stuck in the muck and argue for our limitations and declare, “I’m not going! Don’t you see you terrible this is?”

Or we can decide, “I’d really rather be somewhere else. What am I being asked to consider? I will use this place of unwanted to move towards what is wanted. And it’s my responsibility and birthright to choose better. Right now. Right now.”

What are you choosing today?

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