What is Right About This?

When we find ourselves in a situation where we have failed to voice our opinion, when we are overridden by another whose argument, at the moment, is stronger, louder, or simply seems more compelling than our own, the resulting feelings can be those of grief, shame, and regret.

But if, even in our emotional hangover, we can begin to look at this circumstance from the perspective of Source, and if we believe in Divine right action, then we can move in the direction of shifting our focus.

If we have sufficiently integrated the idea that “the Universe is rigged for our expansion” (Rob Bell), then we might ask with refreshing relief, even curiosity, “Why might this be right ? What will happen next?”

The event or the decision that at first caused our self-deprecation, doubt, and uneasiness, now ascends and merges into the atmosphere of pure potentiality and the abundance and “rightness” of what is to come. Our suffering is a result of believing that we somehow failed ourselves or others; that even though we had all the information we needed to make a decision or a choice, we dropped the proverbial ball. We fell short of the success we so wanted to achieve. But, once we humbly acknowledge that at any given time we only have some of the information, that the Universe is expanding and shifting gears in ways we cannot know, only then can we move from worry or fear or suffering to trust. We can then trust that the pure potentiality, the myriad particles of energy and information that are beyond our conception or understanding, will deliver to us the alignment we most desire.

We don’t need to understand how it will all work out. We just need to trust and know that it will. This is not a Pollyanna, head-in-the-clouds, wishful-thinking approach. No. This is a thoughtful surrendering to the “isness” of our “reality”–a reality that is ultimately shaped by how we choose to see it.

We surrender and then decide to rest in the knowing that the Universe is forging a path towards our further expansion and greatness. And it will reveal itself to us when we are ready to witness it.

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