We Are Vast and Evolving

We are becoming all the time.

Sometimes we experience the Dark Night, because we are confused, unsure, even feeling hopeless. Other times, this darkness evokes overwhelm, even paralysis, as Abraham says, because, in the midst of so many choices, even those we don’t yet see, we feel stuck. We freeze. This response is actually a primal one. When in fear or vulnerability, we instinctively know to stay put, not even breathe, so that we might not draw attention to ourselves.

If we can, however, surrender to this feeling and know we can move through it, we could change how we perceive ourselves and the situation. We could, in fact, change everything. We might feel stuck or frozen for a moment (or two or three), but if we could then experience it, witness it as stillness rather than mortal fear and paralysis, we could actually begin to invite the evolution that is calling us.

Nothing grows, evolves, is born without a breaking open. This is how all life, all energy, calls itself forward–calls itself to itself. It is in the darkness, the unknowing, that we can receive the light of all being, which is inherently true, good, and beautiful. This being is simultaneously the vastness and the potential. These essences and energies are in us and calling us all the time.

Let us allow ourselves to see and hear and heed the call of our becoming. Our evolution is inevitable, but we must first align with it in order to become what we are called to be.

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