Attention is the Key

Have you ever heard something and thought, Wow! Yes! That is not only exactly what I needed to hear, but it feels “new” to me. It offers a fresh perspective on my understanding of the world.

This has been happening to me a lot recently, and yesterday this is what I heard: “There is no such thing as ‘yes’ or ‘no;’ there is only attention” (Abraham Hicks).

How does this deepen our understanding of life and purpose? Here’s how I digest this nourishing declaration. As we strive to evolve from lower to higher vibrations and spend more time in feelings of abundance, joy, love, etc., we often first tell ourselves to “stop” thinking about negative feelings or thoughts. We have to say “no” to those lower vibrations and say “yes” to the higher ones.

In other words, we have to negate anger and fear and anxiety and worry and in stead only accept love and joy and compassion. And what ends up happening to many of us? We get more stressed and riddled with anxiety, because we usually can’t jump out of the lower energy quickly enough, and then criticize ourselves and feel guilty and bad and not good enough because we’re not doing the evolved work we think we should be doing. And it gets worse. We then fear that we will become magnets to “bad” energy and will start attracting all the negative stuff we’re trying to avoid. Ugh. Flipping exhausting, not to mention super counterproductive.

But here’s the gift Abraham gives us with this statement. We actually don’t have to say “no” to those feelings. We don’t have to actively reject them and shove them under spiritual carpets, pretending they’re gone. (And we know, because we’ve done this so often, that even when we do this kind of faux emotional housekeeping, these feelings actually haven’t disappeared; they will creep out from under even the most beautifully woven spiritual bypasses when we’re triggered again.)

What to do instead? We have to turn our attention ever so gently away from these lower vibrations. When the worry washes over us, we shift our gaze to something higher, even if it’s just a little but higher. Maybe it’s a beautiful sky, or the birds singing, or a child laughing, or a thought that is just slightly more positive and loving than the worried one that is plaguing us. Abraham calls this trying to think “the next best thought.”

Focusing more on attention rather than on whether our thoughts are “good” or “bad” is so incredibly freeing. This is not to say making this shift is always easy. It will, however, become easier to flow from lower to higher vibrations the more we practice observing our thoughts and, even more important, our feelings. Feeling anxious or angry or scared, etc. is the Universe’s way of telling us a situation is not resonating with our authentic selves—the parts of us that are pure love and joy.

In other words, experiencing these tensions is actually a huge blessing. The ego can’t help but respond, “You mean when my husband had an affair? That was a good thing? You mean when my lover rejected me? You mean when my kid told me he hated me? What in the world are you talking about, blessings?”

Yes, that is exactly what I’m saying (following Abraham’s and other wisdom teachers’ leads.) These are, in fact, delicious, inspired opportunities for us to witness the contrasts, as Abraham defines them, look inward, and ask, “So if this is what I don’t want, what DO I want? What actually am I attracting here and why?” When we’re experiencing these lower vibrations, instead of chastising ourselves with whether to say “yes” or “no” to them, we just observe where we are at any given moment and say, “I’m shifting my attention to a higher energy.”

We all know that where our attention goes, so will our thoughts and feelings, and then they, in turn, will ultimately manifest in form. And this is the best news of all, because it means we are actually responsible for everything that shows up in our lives. In every moment, we are creating our reality. Oh, it is so tempting it is to blame others for the suffering we’re experiencing. It feels like relief to point fingers and wail. But we do this so that we don’t actually have to do the work and go within to search for answers. Reacting like this is handing all control to the ego, allowing fear and judgment to determine our state, our mindset, and the manifestation of less-than-positive events around us.

The truth is, however, that our state is almost never someone else’s fault. We have to take ownership of our mindset. We are co-creating our unhappiness, feelings of “stuckness,” or lack mentality. BUT we are also co-creating our joy, richness of life, aspirations, and abundance. The Law of Attraction doesn’t discriminate between vibrations that hold us back or propel us forward. Momentum will generate wherever we put our attention.

So, forget about “good” and “bad,” “right” and “wrong.” Rise above duality, and instead decide to shift your attention.

Then see what happens.

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