Learning to Refocus

A recent presentation by my friend and mentor, Suzi Kesler Lula, inspired my brain to fire in many directions. I have had many thoughts. Here is one observation.
For years, I have been saying (without any research to back this up) that when I (we) are down, cranky, can’t get out of our own way, we need to find a way to shift and refocus. Many thinkers and spiritual leaders express this, from Dr. Shefali to Eckhart Tolle to Abraham Hicks. This seems obvious, but when we’re in the moment of super-cranky-upset yuck, it can be so challenging to move our attention. Our ego, our hurt self, is saying, “What the hell? No way. I’m feeling gross and victimized. Get the unicorns and rainbows out of my way before I scratch your Pollyanna eyes out.”

So, first step is to be prepared. We need to know in ADVANCE of our mood swings what we’ll do when we get triggered.

For me, beauty has always been a go-to. Suzi’s recent discussion of the importance of music (and Dr. Shefali’s discussion of her recorded sessions to herself) prompted me to share this. Whether it’s art or music or flowers or even window shopping in beautiful stores, beauty, which to me is really a reflection of excellence and creativity, helps me shift my attention.

Suzi Kesler Lula mentioned that certain music has a very high vibration. Again, I knew this intuitively, but hadn’t put words to it. Music is so subjective; what genre one person loves might put another to sleep or even agitate her.

For me, the Baroque: Bach, Telemann, Handel, Vivaldi, etc., have always spoken to me profoundly. I start to cry during some of these pieces. The hair on my arms stands up and I get goose bumps. My entire being elevates. I have responded this way as long as I can remember. This resonance is just a part of who I am. Now I know that this is because for me, this music resonates at a very high vibration and speaks to the purest part of my soul. I have been telling my children for years that elevated music is good for their brains; turns out it is, and it nourishes their entire beings as well.

Art is SO important in refocusing us. Whether it’s art we make ourselves or participate in by being observers, it is essential to keeping us grounded and at the same time, elevating us into a sphere that is purely spiritual, essentially energetic, and without form.

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