Look to Yourself First

No matter what we’re dealing with in life—a difficult spouse, parent, friend, employer, experience—the answer to the challenge is always the same. We must look to ourselves first. The issues we need to address never exist “out there,” but rather rest in our core authentic selves. 

It’s so easy to point to the outside source and blame it or him or her. Yes, perhaps there is a person triggering us. Maybe an experience did cause us pain. 

But here’s the key: when we are able to view all triggers as neutral, as non-dualistic, we are in a position to release discomfort or even literally disease, and begin healing. 

As Little Shaman discusses in this podcast, all things show up in our lives (we actually co-create them) to reveal to us something we need to learn. All experiences, especially “negative” ones, are teachers. 

The question is, will we continue to suffer and be triggered and victimized, or can we shift our focus and attention enough to detach from the source of pain and look inward? 

Only self-reflection and contemplation and commitment to fine-tuning our own consciousness will lead to physical, emotional, and spiritual evolution.

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