Some Thoughts on the Developing Child

Despite so much important research, there still seem to be many conflicting and complicated theories about how to raise healthy, joyful children—kids who feel secure about themselves and their world.The truth is that it’s not complicated. Admittedly, the answers are simple but not simplistic. And for the most part, the kids know what they need; it’s we grown-ups who get in the way. 
This is of course my belief, but I’m not just relying on my opinion. If we actually need “proof” or data, we need not look much further than Harvard.

Here’s an excerpt from Dr. Megan Gunnar’s remarks in a video focusing on children and adversity from Harvard’s Center of the Developing Child. If we all just did this consistently, our children would naturally thrive.

“The most important ingredient in positive experiences for young children is the responsive adult or set of adults that are in the child’s life, who are helping to let that brain be excited about learning and supporting that brain’s development.”

Megan Gunnar, PhD, University of Minnesota

Video: In Brief: The Impact of Early Adversity on Children’s Development

Center of the Developing Child, Harvard University

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