Feelings and Visualization

I am participating in Mel Robbins’ 35-day Mindset-Reset group (http://melrobbins.com/mindsetreset), where for a little more than a month, she and her team are sharing specific methods and techniques to help launch us into a more mindful and purposeful 2019.

Last week, Mel discussed the importance of using visualization as a tool to help us refocus and ultimately manifest. One of the participants responded to this presentation, saying she was having trouble visualizing and asked for some feedback and guidance. As a fellow traveler along this road, I posted a response on the group Facebook page, the core of which appears below. Perhaps, if you have similar issues around visualization or want to know more about how it works, this will be useful to you, as well.

First, I believe that the more we learn to get quiet and relax the mind (through meditation or yoga), the easier visualizing will become. Our mind cannot relax sufficiently to visualize if it’s always “on” and multitasking.

Second, my education with folks like Dr. Joe Dispenza, Dr. Kim d’Eramo, Deepak Chopra, Shefali Tsabary, HeartMath, etc. has led me to this: Visualizing is an essential part of changing our focus, our state of mind, and our ability to manifest, but another essential component is learning to shift how we feel. If instead of or in addition to visualizing, we can direct our intention to how we want to FEEL, we will be doing the work of moving forward.

Putting our attention on something we desire or something that brings us joy will do the trick. This can be a big feeling, like a special event or celebration or thinking about the love of our life. Or it could be small, like the happiness we feel when we observe our smiling child, or when we smell a beautiful rose, or hear a piece of music that deeply moves us. We can even further augment this action by centering our attention on our heart space (chakra) as we breathe and feel the feeling. This is part of the Quick Coherence Technique taught in the HeartMath method (http://www.heartmath.com). The heart is many times more electromagnetic than the brain; this is the source of powerful vibrational frequencies, which can actually change the energy we emit and around us.

The feeling is crucial, because not only does it refocus any “negative” thoughts, but it also reminds us of who we truly are—our true selves. Our authentic self is the one who feels that joy and bliss. And when we are in this state and then further attach an intention to it, the real manifesting can begin. This is the high vibration we are sending into the universe. Even science now proves that the universal energy can’t help but match it. This is science. This is quantum law: So within, so without. As Einstein declared, the particle determines the environment, not the other way around.

This is the power of the energy we carry with us as we visualize and FEEL.

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