Let Your Light Shine

With the winter solstice behind us and as we enter this week of Christmas, we are ready to complete our time of stillness and conscious waiting and journey through darkness towards the light.

Regardless of our religion or traditions, this has been the way for millennia. This awareness of literal darkness giving way to the light continues to inform our spiritual evolution. And this is where we are this week.

Whether you believe the arrival of the Universal Christ as revealed in the infant Jesus symbolizes the light we await, or you choose another symbolic or literal manifestation, the message is the same. The darkness of suffering, pain, fear, and uncertainty is dispelled with the light of compassion, understanding, and clarity.

And most importantly, this light that emanates from and is reflected in the universe itself is in all of us. This Divine light is always available and waiting for us to acknowledge it. The question is, can we feel and see it? Will we align with it and allow ourselves to shine with the light that is uniquely ours?

As 2020 approaches, let us ponder our own inner Divinely-inspired light. Let us acknowledge and allow it to flow through us and to those around us.

The darkness is receding. It is awaiting our brightness to give birth to our potential in the world.

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