Self-Discovery is the Only Way

I love Tom Bilyeu’s Impact Theory. I have learned so much from this podcast and his conversations with inspiring athletes, thinkers, and spiritual teachers.

As much as I love his show, I sometimes find I appreciate Tom even more when he is being interviewed on someone else’s show or when he’s delivering a talk like this one at Mindvalley.

Tom discusses his own inspiring journey, formed out of shame, low self-worth, and others’ low opinions of him. He talks about how he shifted his mindset and what it took for him to find his voice and way in the world.

Of course, his methods won’t resonate with all of us. He has a clearly defined masculine approach to life, which may not jive with those of us who are inherently inspired by a more feminine wisdom.

His message and his passion are inviting and encouraging, however, and they resonated with me in a real way.


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