Alignment is Everything

All that we seek spiritually is found in nature. She reveals the truth and evidence of miracles everyday.

The only way to raise our vibration is to reduce our resistance to what is unwanted, find alignment with Source, and allow our energy to flow with it. All wisdom teachers and spiritual traditions describe this as the method of moving towards our true selves, spiritual oneness, and enlightenment.

Until we become practiced in how to find alignment and what this even means, however, it is a concept and practice that can be understandably challenging. With what are we seeking alignment? Is this a manner of just trying to be positive? How am I supposed to do this when I feel terrible? Fearful? Depressed? When what reality is showing me makes me feel sad and hopeless?

To put it simply, we are seeking alignment with the highest vibration energies we can find at any given moment. These include, for example, eagerness, happiness, joy, love, and passion. This is never a matter of just trying to think positively. Saying to ourselves, “I just won’t think about that,” or “I’m only going to think positive thoughts from now on,” never works. As we attempt to talk ourselves into feeling better (but not really yet believing it), we are actually pushing against feeling bad, and so the result is simply more resistance and frustration. Sometimes, when we’re really feeling down and the momentum of lower vibrations such as fear, grief, envy, or unworthiness have gotten hold of us, the best we can reach for might be boredom or contentment. But that’s okay. At least for a while. The most important thing is to allow the energy of emotions to flow in an upward fashion, continuing to elevate until we find joy and love. The more practiced we become, the more quickly the energy will move.

How do we find alignment, though, when our reality, the people, events, situations, in our present, are indeed scary, threatening, depressing, or seemingly hopeless? This is the very essence of living a conscious, awake life, isn’t it? How to live with joy in a world that consistently presents us with challenges and pain is at the very core of all spiritual traditions. So, again, in the simplest of terms, when we look at something that’s hurting us in the “now,” the only way to find alignment is to either find elements of that thing that hurt less and can elevate our vibration (for us and the object of our attention), or to look away entirely–to refocus on something that requires less resistance and allows the energy to flow.

The trouble with what we call our reality is that it demands our attention, doesn’t it? It is very difficult, if not sometimes impossible, to look at the thing that upsets us and at the same time reach for contentment, let alone joy. But just because this is so doesn’t mean it’s not the way. All healers, all wisdom teachers, have revealed that only by seeing wellness when there is illness, showing compassion where there is hate, being a source of light and love where there is darkness and abuse, can these lower, even destructive energies, move and find resolution. It is not that we deny the suffering; we put our attention elsewhere. We decide to feel other than we actually see. For if we understand and accept that energy is constantly in motion and that reality is merely a reflection of our inner truth (our mindset and expectations and preconceptions about life), then it must follow that what we “see” can also shift and change.

This is not just the essence of spirituality, mysticism, and religion. It is also at the very core of science and quantum physics. Most of us have this backwards and upside-down. It’s not the thing we’re observing that determines what comes next. It’s our perception, our energy, that creates a field of infinite possibilities. In other words, that thing can change; it can become whatever we decide it to be. As Einstein declared, “The field is the sole governing agency of the particle.” Infuse the field with fear, the particle will reflect fear. Infuse it with love and the particle will reflect love. It must be so.

In the photograph above, the tree stands strong against the clear blue autumnal sky. The sun shines brilliantly upon it, its rays streaming towards it. Over the past couple of weeks, the top of the tree has become saturated with hues of red and gold and yellow. Most of the lower leaves on this great tree, however, maintain the deep green color reminiscent of reflecting the former reality of hot summer days. They do not yet feel the effects of the fall sun and the transformations and transmutations that the tree is experiencing within its trunk and branches and within the very veins of the leaves themselves.

So what can this tree teach us? If the sun is Source, representing joy and abundance, indeed the “field,” as Einstein describes it, the tree surely reflects each of us as we move through life, seeking alignment with it. As the topmost leaves reach towards the sun and allow the light and heat to penetrate them, they are changed. They are transformed. They are aligned. But what of the lower leaves? They are still green. They would be perfectly right to declare, “What sun? What Source? We don’t feel it. In fact, we don’t believe there is such a thing as the sun. It doesn’t come to us. It might never come to us. Things will never improve for our lot. Some leaves are just lucky. They turn brilliant colors and transform. But we don’t. We are stuck here in eternal greenness.”

And what might the sun answer? “I am always here,” it might say. “I shine everyday. I am warm and bright and calling you every minute. Even on cloudy days, although you might not see me, I am here. The leaves above you have changed, because they are facing me directly. They are reaching towards me and have accepted my warmth and nourishment. But so can you. For I shine on you, too. And in fact, even if you don’t feel my rays directly, this magnificent tree, with which you are integrally connected, does feel my warmth and encouragement. When you are ready, you can begin to feel the light and color and warmth moving through your very cells as well. And when you feel called, you, too, may allow this glorious transformation. For it is yours when you are ready. You already have these glorious colors within you? Did you know that? You were born with them, even if you didn’t know it in your beautiful greenness. They are always there, just as I am. And so you will be changed when you are ready.”

We know this to be so, for what will happen in a period of days and weeks to come? Slowly or rapidly, however the tree decides it to occur, these leaves will soon be transformed. Every leaf will be saturated with autumnal colors, and we will witness this magnificence as a reflection of Source’s powerful flowing through every living thing.

Let this be a vision for us as we seek to understand what alignment is and how we discover it for ourselves. Source, truth, wisdom, God, whatever name we use, is always calling us. In our despair, She is there. In our fear, She is there. In our confusion, She is there. We need only turn towards Her, and allow her light and love to transform our hearts. We must, and are called to, do this for ourselves. For only in first discovering our own alignment, feeling this flow of infinite love and possibilities, can we then share it with others. Only by living in a place of oneness and love, can we fully support them as they journey to their own truth and joy and wellness.

Note: For more on alignment and the Emotional Scale as discussed here, see Abraham Hicks.

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