We are Making Ourselves Sick—and Well

This excerpt from Tom Bilyeu’s Impact Theory is so important I had to share it.

Here, Joe Dispenza discusses how we all have the power to heal ourselves. He asserts that only between 1 and 5 percent of all diseases are genetically predetermined and immutable. All the rest, even if we carry genes which have the propensity for disease, are controllable through environment–how we choose to live. And this includes the mindsets we choose to carry everyday, all day.

We are living at a time when so many of us are seeking ways to discern and utilize our own empowerment. We accept as truth that our answers to all questions and resolutions to all challenges reside within us and not outside of us in any person or system.

This discussion speaks directly to our present cultural and spiritual milieu. Let it serve as fuel for our evolution.

(Watch the full episode on You Tube.)

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